Refurbished 67, 68, or 69 Rolling Body Shell

Camaro or Firebird, Coupe or Convertible

*(This is a restored body shell using new and refurbished parts and is in no way associated with the complete body shell sold by Dynacorn International)  

$22,000 Coupe

$24,000 Convertible

Here's you chance to get a fully refurbished rolling 67, 68, or 69 Camaro or Firebird body, ready for your motor, paint, and interior.

We specialized in Camaro restorations like no one else. Just take a look at our before and after pictures of this 1969 Camaro delivered to a customer in Ohio this October (2006). 

Need more information email us, need references, we have them. Save thousands by buying our complete rolling unit that includes the rear end, sub frame, complete front clip and complete rear clip. Plus doors, trunk lid, cowl hood, front disk brakes, pedals, steering, and MORE. 

We use Goodmark body panels, quarters, doors, fenders, hood, trunk, etc. The used parts are sandblasted than epoxy primed and painted inside and out.

For the first time ever you can now buy a newly "refurbished" replacement body shell using high quality Goodmark body panels. This shell has a complete new floor pan assembly made with all new parts welded on our special Gen1 assembly jig (for more information on the complete bottom chassis, click here.

New parts include the following:

  • New frame rails, RH and LH
  • New complete floor 1-pc pan assembly
  • New complete trunk pan assembly
  • New complete firewall assembly
  • New rear lower inside valance
  • New complete rocker panel assembly, RH and LH (for coupe only)
  • New complete wheelhouse assemblies, LH and RH
  • New side cowls RH and left hand
  • New lower cowl and dash panel
  • New quarter panels, RH and LH
  • New tail panel and filler deck panel
  • New roof panel
  • New doors, RH and LH
  • New trunk lid
  • New cowl hood
  • New front disk brakes
  • New pedals
  • New steering

Fully refurbished used parts include:

  • Piller post assembly, RH and LH
  • Side header supports, RH and LH
  • Inside 1/4 window panels, RH and LH
  • Inside sail panels, RH and LH
  • Inside side header panels, RH and LH
  • Rear speaker panel and supports
  • Rear seat supports
  • Miscellaneous inside supports
All refurbished parts are cleaned and refinished using por-15; all welds are mig plug type. This assembly has been assembled on a precision jig custom made for Gen 1 Camaro and Firebird. The unit has been test fitted with original doors and trunk which are not included. We offer free shipping within 500 miles of Boston, MA.

For more information on shipping, trade-ins, or any concerns call us toll free
at 1-888-328-9527 or email me at

Pictures used are of a 1969 just completed and delivered to a customer in Ohio. 

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