Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are O.E.M. Parts?
OEM ( Original Equipment Manufactured) is a term used for parts made by the manufacturer of your automobile.

2. What does “Aftermarket” mean?
"Aftermarket" is a term used to describe repair/replacement parts for your automobile that are not produced by the manufacturer of your car. Many "Aftermarket" parts carry certification by "CAPPA" which helps ensure the integrity and basic quality of the part. Usually these parts are less expensive and therefore some insurance policies authorize the use of these parts. These parts are sometimes referred to as "Quality Replaced Parts" or O.E.R (Original Equipment Reproduction).

3. What is "NOS"?
"NOS" means "New Old Stock". The part was manufactured during the time the car was available (1960's, 1970's, etc), the part was never sold and is still available. These parts are the most expensive.

4. What is "OE Tooling" and how does it differ from "OE-Style"?
OE tooling means Original Equipment Tooling, this is where the original tooling is used to make new parts. OE-Style means the tooling was copied to be exactly like the original (minus any defects).

5. You state you offer a flat rate for shipping, what if I order quarter panels, a hood, door skins, and more, will the shipping charge change?

Our fixed $150 truck freight shipping charge (within the continental USA) does have a limit of 150 pounds, (that is equivilant to a 48 x 40 pallet 60" high).

6. Do you have the panel that goes between the rear window and trunk lid, and inner front fenders, and what would the total be including shipping for two quarters, rear panel and the two front inner fenders for a 67 RS Camaro?

It's called a rear filler panel, yes we carry them. The shipping would be $99, because the trunk lid and quarter panels ship truck freight.

7. How are hoods shipped?

All hoods are packed on a palet and shipped via Bax Global. Also, we are required by the shipper to furnish a contact phone number in order for the freight company to contact you directly and schedule your delivery.

8. Can I put a 1970 bumper on a 1971 Chevelle?

Yes, both the front and rear bumpers for a 1970 Chevelle are interchangeable.

9. This is in reference to the 69 Camaro lower cowl panel. Are there 2 parts welded together? I am looking for the lower part, the one that you could see under the dash inside the car.

The are two parts are welded together, we only offer the assembly, not the bottom part by it's self.

10. What's that black coating on most of the sheetmetal?

It's called EDP, which stands for Electro Deposit Primer, and it makes an excellent primer under your paint job. EDP coating is applied electrically, almost like a plating process. The only surface preparation required is a light scuffing of the surface for better paint adhesion. No stripping is necessary.

11. What's the difference between 80% quarter panel and quarter panel skin?

The 80% Quarter Panel is just like the full factory style quarter, but does not have the sail panel nor the door jamb pillars. They do extend to the trunk opening, include a lip into the door jamb area and extend to the tail panel. They reach out to each edge of the quarter panel area, but you must leave the edge of original quarter panels to weld to.





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