Quarter Panels

Goodmark's full quarter panels are of the highest quality steel, stamped on new die sets that produce smooth, perfect-fit parts.

These panels are the full original-equipment style, complete all the way to the seams as original.

GM panels are licensed with GM Restoration Parts and the Dodge/Plymouth parts are licensed with Mopar Authentic Restoration Products, to ensure original standards for fit and appearance.

Get brand new FULL Quarter Panels, for that absolutely correct and original appearance.

Which type of Quarter Panel do you need?

A "Full Quarter Panel" is made just like the panels which were welded onto your car when it was new. Indeed, for this reason some people can them "Factory-Style" or "OEM-Style" Quarter Panels. These panels reach all the way to each edge of the rear quarter panel area, including the trunk and door edges, and reach to the roof line, just like the factory-original panels did for your particular model. For GM cars, this will include the door jamb area But for Dodges and Plymouths, the door jamb was never part of the original quarter panels.

"80% Quarter Panel" is just like the full factory style quarters, but do not have the sail panel (to the roof) or the door jamb pillars. They do extend to the trunk opening and are complete around the tail panel.

"Quarter Skins" are nearly as large as "Full Quarter Panels", but do not include any trunk lips, door jambs, etc. They reach out to each edge of the quarter panel area, but you must leave the edge of original quarter panels to weld to. "Quarter Skins" reach upward to approximately the location where the bottom of original vinyl roofs would normally be Keep in mind that, while "Quarter Skins" initially cost less than "Full Quarter Panels", if often takes more labor to install them. So, if keeping your costs down is the only reason that you might select "Quarter Skins" over "Full Quarter Panels", you should be aware that the final net cost might not represent much of a savings. Also, "Quarter Skins" do require a lip to weld to, all the way around the edge. This make them a poor choice for badly rusted-out cars...since there is often no bottom edge remaining to weld to. In this case, you are better off choosing "Full Quarter Panels", and adding Outer Wheel Houses to completely replace the rust.

"Quarter Patches" are just what they sound like...small pieces of quarter panels, for repairing small holes in isolated areas. These are good choices for nearly perfect cars with tiny holes in specific spots, or for low-budget "driver" cars. But it can be very difficult to hide the seam areas where the patches are welded to the original panels.

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